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I have been a member of Care4hire.com for about a month, and in that month I have used the site to find two great sitters. I have a nice list of sitters now. Thank you for helping me find some great sitters!
Houston, TX
Your site has been a tremendous help and has allowed me to find a great sitter for my child. Thank you.
Fort Worth, TX

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Finding a Babysitting Job

Job Seeking Tips

When looking for a job as a babysitter, there are a variety of tips on what you should do (or not do) that will help you land that great babysitting job. 


Be professional, both in your written and spoken words, and also in the way that you present yourself.  For example, is your resume or application completed in a tidy, thorough, and grammatically correct manner?  Are you speaking using a well modulated tone and a professional vocabulary?  Are your statements, whether written or oral, clear and concise?  Are you well dressed for your interview? 

Be organized.  Know as much as is reasonably possible about the job before you show up for the interview.  Take an extra copy of your resume to your interview.  Also take copies of your letters of recommendation.  Show up on time for your interview.  Emphasize your qualifications, listing or discussing them from most important first to least important last, based on the perspective of your prospective employer-family (i.e., emphasize what you think THEY will consider your strongest qualifications).

Be caring and courteous.  Make sure that your prospective employer-family knows how much you love children.  Turn off your cellular telephone when you go into your interview.  Pay attention to everything said by your prospective employer-family.  Never interrupt. 

Ask questions.  Go to your interview with a written list of questions you want to ask of your prospective employer-family.  For example, does the job involve housekeeping, running errands, or cooking?  Why did the prior babysitter leave?  What are the children's interests?  Have a pen handy during the interview so that you can take notes of important things your prospective employer-family says during the interview (important things to include, at a minimum, the answers to your written list of questions).

Write a brief thank-you note to your prospective employer-family after the interview is completed.  Your thank-you note should (ideally) be mailed within 24 hours following your interview.


Be overly casual in the way that you approach your prospective employer-family.

Discuss your personal life any more than is necessary to answer your prospective employer-family's job-relevant questions.

Say that you want this job because you need the money or initiate discussion about the pay rate of the job.

By following these tips, you will be well on your way to landing that babysitting job you've been wanting!

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Benefits of Using an Online Babysitter Service

There are many benefits to using an online babysitter service, such as Babysitters4hire.com.

Sites such as Babysitters4hire.com have databases of available babysitters and babysitting jobs.  Both employers and babysitters can review the databases to find the candidate or job that is right for them.  Babysitters4hire.com also offers tips and information on most anything babysitter-related, from finding that perfect job to babysitting contract templates, and from finding that perfect job candidate to tips on employing and managing a babysitter.  And Babysitters4hire.com helps employer-families perform background checks on candidates of interest to them.

As a babysitting job seeker, once you are in the database, you can start receiving contacts from prospective employer-families right away.  You don't have to wait for an agency to search for an employer-family for you. Similarly, as an employer-family, once you are in the database, you can start receiving contacts from babysitting candidates right away.  You don't have to wait for an agency to search for a candidate for you, nor do you have to wait for a help-wanted advertisement to be published and for responses to trickle in.

Another big plus of using an online babysitter service is that you may have a wider selection of babysitting candidates and babysitter jobs available when compared to using an agency or a help-wanted advertisement. So, it may be easier to find that right match for you.

And, online babysitting service fees are minimal as compared to using a babysitting agency and are comparable to help-wanted advertisements in many areas.

In conclusion, for the cost of a help wanted advertisement, you can review a larger pool of prospective candidates or potential jobs than would be available through an agency or a help-wanted advertisement, receive most of the information that would be available through a babysitting agency, and experience a much quicker response time (time to fill your babysitting position or time to find a babysitting job) than you would likely experience with a babysitting agency or a help-wanted advertisement.

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Finding a Babysitting Job on Your Own

You are looking for a babysitting position, and you have chosen not to use a babysitter placement agency.  How do you find a babysitting job on your own?

Online babysitting services, such as Babysitters4hire.com, are a wonderful resource for babysitting job seekers.  You can search a database of prospective employer-families to find a job and family that is right for you.  Costs are minimal, and a job can typically be secured quickly (relative to using a babysitter agency).

You can review help-wanted advertisements in newspapers in the geographic location in which you would like to perform babysitting.  Costs are minimal, but the time to secure a job can be long when compared to using an online service.

You can check bulletin boards at local colleges, grocery stores, YWCA's, and other locations. Costs are minimal, but the time to secure a job can be long when compared to using an online service.

And you can job seek via word of mouth.  By ensuring that all your friends and familiy members know that you are looking for a babysitting job and would appreciate any referrals they could give you, you can secure a position in a low-cost manner, but the time to secure a job can be long when compared to using an online service.

If you decide not to use a babysitter placement agency, bear in mind that prospective employer-families are not screened for safety or match.  Therefore, it is up to you to determine which prospective employer-families may be a good match for you and which may not be . . . and which families may not even be safe for you to interview with.  You need to be aware of your safety at all times when looking for a babysitting position on your own.

In sum, there are many ways to find a babysitting job.  Choose the method that best fits you, and keep safety and match in mind.

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Finding International Babyitting (Au Pair) Jobs

Are you looking to travel outside of the United States or your home country to work as an international babysiiter (an au pair)?

You may want to review the International Nanny Association's website for information on how to get started. You can search their site for recommended au pair placement sites, agencies, support groups, or training programs for whichever country you are interested in.

One highly recommended way to find an au pair position is to use an au pair agency. As an au pair, you will be traveling from one country to another, and an au pair agency can assist you with all that comes with this type of placement.

As you begin your au pair job search, prepare yourself for an adventure in childcare, international travel, and cross-cultural learning.  Working as an au pair can be a richly rewarding life experience.

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Finding Babysitting Jobs for Christians

Many babysitters prefer to work for employer-families who share their religion/faith.  In many religions, associating with others of one's faith is considered important to reinforce one's faith and its observances. 

For Christian babysitters, searching the Internet for "Christian babysitting jobs" will lead to several different websites that offer placement and assistance for Christian babysitting.  Many online babysitting services, such as Babysitters4hire.com, make it possible for a babysitter who registers with them to be very specific in the type of position she seeks (i.e., a position in a Christian household). 

If using a babysitting placement agency, the Christian babysitter can specify that she wishes to consider working only for Christian families.

Christian churches may be able to help their members find babysitting jobs within their church.  Prospective babysitters are encouraged to contact their pastors, ministers, or priests for assistance.

Christian colleges may be able to provide similar assistance.  Most colleges have bulletin boards of available job listings.

Christian babysitters can job seek via word of mouth (i.e., by ensuring that their Christian friends and familiy members know that they are seeking a Christian babysitting job, and would appreciate any referrals about prospective jobs).

Christian babysitters can also review help wanted advertisements in Christian publications and area newspapers.

In sum, there are multiple methods of seeking Christian babysitting jobs.  Job seekers need only select the method they prefer and begin their job search.  Possiibilities abound.

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Childcare Job Options

A variety of childcare jobs are available: full-time or part-time, live-in or live-out, with or without housekeeping and cooking job duties, with or without employment benefits, etc.  Nonetheless, there are a few headings under which most childcare jobs fall.  These headings (job titles) are as follows.

NANNY: a committed childcare provider, employed by a family to provide supervision and a nurturing environment for the family’s children, without direct parental supervision. The well-being, education and development of the child on a day-to-day basis are the primary responsibilities of the nanny. Duties that are required for the care of a child (such as bathing, meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, homework supervision, errands, exercise, and transportation) are part of a nanny’s responsibility. Formal education is not required if the nanny has suitable experience with children. It is recommended that all nannies and childcare providers be certified in infant and child CPR.

MANNY: The term indicates a male who is performing traditional nanny duties. As roles of men and women change in society, the recognition of the benefits of a strong male role model in a child’s life has given way to more respect for males in traditional ‘female’ work. A manny may be especially helpful with boys and girls who do not have a father in their lives.

MOTHER’S HELPER: The biggest difference between a mother’s helper and nanny or au pair is one of supervision. A mother’s helper works under the direct supervision of the parent and is not responsible for the children on her own. Her decision-making authority is limited. A mother’s helper is often a younger woman, in her teens, who may want to be a caregiver in the future. She is not expected to have the knowledge or experience of a caregiver who calls herself a nanny or a babysitter.

BABY NURSE: Contrary to the title, a baby nurse is not a medical professional, but an expert in the needs of healthy newborns. One of the functions of a baby nurse is to educate new parents in the care of the infant. A baby nurse will work as a day nurse or a night nurse, but not both. If you want 24 hours of support, you will want 2 baby nurses, each working a 12 hour shift. In the first few weeks of the child’s life, the baby nurse will take over the tasks of feeding, bathing, and diaper changes so the new mother can get her rest. If a mother is breastfeeding, a baby nurse supports the process and allows the mother to get rest between feedings. Newborns will need care for their healing umbilical cords and circumcision sites. The baby nurse will teach the new parents to understand the needs of the infant, including burping, swaddling, and creating a feeding and sleeping schedule for newborns.

AU PAIR:  A foreign young person, between the ages of 18-26, who comes to the United States to live with a family. Unlike a nanny, an au pair does require a commitment of twelve months. There are many requirements for the au pair visa, which is required for an au pair coming into the US. There are also fees that run between $5,000-$7,000 that must be paid in addition to a $500 educational stipend and weekly ‘pocket money’ expense of approximately $175.00. Au pairs are limited to attending to no more than four children from the ages of three months to 12 years. Families must go through one of 11 designated au pair agencies to obtain a J-1 au pair visa. Please check with the US Department of State for details.

BABYSITTER: A temporary childcare provider who provides care of children, without direct parental supervision, in the family home. A babysitter works for short periods of time, and the primary responsibility is the care and entertainment of children when the parents are not at home. A babysitter’s responsibility will change from situation to situation depending on the need of the child during the span of time that the babysitter is to provide care.

GOVERNESS:  A committed childcare provider, employed by a family to provide supervision and education for the family’s school-aged children, without direct parental supervision. The education and development of the child on a day-to-day basis are the primary responsibilities of the governess.

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