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I have been a member of Care4hire.com for about a month, and in that month I have used the site to find two great sitters. I have a nice list of sitters now. Thank you for helping me find some great sitters!
Houston, TX
Your site has been a tremendous help and has allowed me to find a great sitter for my child. Thank you.
Fort Worth, TX

Childcare Tips for Hiring a Babysitter

Originally published in The Fashionable Bambino

By Candi Wingate, President Babysitters4Hire.com

Tips for Hiring a Babysitter:

  • Make a list of your requirements. Before you start the interview process, it's a good idea to figure out what you?re looking for in a babysitter. Think about the hours you require, the amount of experience you?re looking for, the type of childcare philosophy, and whether any household duties will be involved.
  • Ask the right questions. These could include things like the number of years she has had as a childcare provider, what type of training has she had, what ages has she dealt with, and what her ideas are on childrearing.
  • Include your child. Whether your child is an infant or of school age, it?s a good idea to have your child present during the interview. That way, you can get an idea of how a potential babysitter will be interacting with your child.
  • The babysitter must be able to relate with your family and administer discipline to your children in a manner that is appropriate and consistent with your family?s boundaries. You and your babysitter should discuss, prior to hiring, the discipline style that your family would like the babysitter to use.
  • The babysitter should be capable of handling small ?crises? on his/her own. You and your babysitter should come to an agreement about what issues may warrant a call to you and what issues the babysitter is authorized to handle on his/her own. Your babysitter should be able to act comfortably within the boundaries you have provided.

Things Your Babysitter Wishes You Knew:

  • As soon as you leave, the kids will stop crying and start playing. So please, just go.
  • I can?t read your mind so just tell me what your expectations are of me.
  • I don?t mind cleaning up, but don?t leave the same mess waiting for me the next morning.
  • When I go above and beyond, a simple ?Thank you? note or small extra perk is appreciated more than you realize.
  • You have a cell phone- If you are going to be 30 minutes late, call me.
  • Pay me on time. I?m sure you don?t like to ask your boss for your check either.
  • Your kids will eat their fruits and veggies for you as well, if you make it fun like I do.