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The Dr. Phil Show uses Babysitters4Hire.com Companies as a resource for guests on the show.

I think your service is great and I will use it again when I need a sitter. Thanks again for the great service.
Sherborn, Ma
I have really liked using this service and I have been fortunate enough to find a GREAT babysitter for my son. Thanks for your time and a wonderful service.
Walpole, MA

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A new Care4hire member recently shared her experience selecting and using Care4hire.com with KOMO News at 4. Click here to view the interview.

The map above provides the locations of 659 babysitters that were found within your area. Use our free search to view these service providers.

There are 659 Care4hire babysitters in your area!

Finding reliable child care is a challenge and you can seldom rely on a single babysitter to be available whenever you need one.

That's where Babysittershire.com comes in. Join now and have instant access to the tens of thousands of babysitters registered with Babysitters4hire.com.

Babysitters4hire.com is designed to assist families in finding a quality babysitter that meets their specific needs and requirements.

Once you've registered as a Babysitters4hire.com member, you will have access to CareMatch to assist you in finding a babysitter that fits your needs and schedule.

A free preview of potential babysitters is available to families through our local neighborhood mapping technology. Whether you need a babysitter for a few hours a week or full time, you will find them at Babysitters4hire.com. Once you are a registered member, you will be given immediate access to contact babysitters through email and phone.

Registered families may search by detailed characteristics to help pinpoint the perfect babysitter for their family. In addition, helpful tools are available, including sample interview questions, a sample reference form and a sample contract. Babysitters4hire.com also gives you advice, tips and information that will help you and your babysitter connect on a social and personal level.

Free background checks are available on babysitters that have purchased a background check on themselves. You may also purchase a Multi Criminal History Search on a babysitter for as low as $9.99.

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